As the rest of the country starts to get wind of the west coast and the benefits of cannabis legalization, the west coast can start catching up with Port Hueneme, a picturesque, down-to-earth beach community just up the coast from Malibu.  As the Ventura County Star observes, the adoption by the city government of a pro-green policy is largely due to ‘the green’.

The built-out city has spent more than it brings in for several years, relying on reserves to balance the budget. Its 2017-18 budget included an anticipated $375,000 in revenue from marijuana operations, and the 2018-19 tentative budget factors in $750,000.

But there are other benefits besides the financial windfall. According to the Star, In Port Hueneme Police chief, Andrew Salinas told the Star that marijuana sales have actually had a positive impact in the city by creating a more secure community, “In terms of traffic and crime, it’s actually cleaned up some areas,” Salinas said. He continued, ‘The presence of armed guards and additional security measures may be deterring some crime… retail marijuana shops are required to have armed security on the premises during hours of operation,’ adding to the vigilance of the area and helping to discourage break-ins and check illegal activity.

Beyond safer streets and added tax revenue, new cannabis businesses are stepping up the game to end homelessness, one of the more pernicious problems up and down the California coast. Chief Salinas recognized the homeless problem in Ventura County, and acknowledges the help of active players in the local cannabis industry, including Dub Brothers.

‘The City of Port Hueneme has struggled over the past years to be financial partners in the collective progress to address the homeless issue in our region.  With the recent passing of Measure U along with the sales revenue generated from cannabis, the City of Port Hueneme is in a better position to be contributory partners in the regional effort to address homelessness,’ Salinas remarked in a February news release.

‘Many of the cannabis dispensary applications the City of Port Hueneme has reviewed over the past two years had a recurring theme – they all wanted to contribute to the community to help address the homeless issue. The City of Port Hueneme reached out to its local cannabis businesses and the response was overwhelming. Within two days, the City of Port Hueneme had received $25,500 in monetary commitments from five (5) different retail dispensaries. They included Skunkmasters, Safe Port, Hueneme Patient Care, Emerald Perspective, and Tradecraft.’

On Monday, February 25th at 8:00 a.m., the Regional Homeless Shelter in Oxnard received delivery of 100 permanent beds for their facility.  The Southwest Carpenters Local 805 Union was there to assemble the beds as part of their continued efforts to be partners in our community and will be onsite to start assembling beds on this date. The City of Port Hueneme and City of Oxnard officials, along with Dispensary Owners, will be on-site to receive this delivery.