We’ve come along way since the days of Alice B. Toklas and Mary Jane Rathburn, legends of the ‘magical brownie’. In Cali, cannabis legalization has necessitated a refinement of the taste, ingredients and perhaps most importantly, the dosage of marijuana edibles. People have learned that the THC proportion matters, and that each person has their own unique response to edible potency. Dub Brothers are now taking our precision cultivation skills to the baking game with some tasty new plant-based options (all include THC in carefully measured doses):

Rice & Shine: Vegan crispy rice treats, come in 2″ squares cut into four 5.0 MG bites

Dr. Gnarlies: Lightly sweet, all natural, vegan chocolate-chip cookies, 2 in a package, 5MG each

Karmic Brownies: 100% vegan, double chocolate brownies, and double the dosage, 10MG each

With all the edible options on the market, we wanted to simplify it with a tasty take on munchie standards. The result: easy-on-the-dosage edibles, all made with super-dank, all-natural Tradecraft Farms flowers and, of course, animal-free ingredients.